SCORE Conference
Interdisciplinary research, Transdisciplinary research, Collaboration
Target group:
Others,Early-career researchers,Postdocs / Senior researchers,Scientists
Event type:
Conference / Congress / Symposium
Academy of Transdisciplinary Learning & Advanced Studies
Contact person:
Dr. Atila Ertas (

Students Collaboration Objective for Research Enhancement (SCORE): ATLAS R&B Institute Innovation Expo aims to host senior and garduate level college students from around the world; offering students an opportunity to showcase their projects in the format of a technical conference. Student teams will work together to develop their design projects and submit them online to the R&B TD Research Institute ( All right and title to any Intellectual Property covered in an admission rests with the submitting team.

Conference program will also consist of competitively selected invited talks, papers and poster presentations emphasizing the theme of the conference.

There are three prizes under each category (First Place: $6,000, Second Place: $4,000, and Third Place: $2,000). A total of twelve prizes ($48,000) to be won.

Submissions are Invited under the Categories of:
• Product Innovation: If the project idea has a tangible outcome
• Service Innovation: If the project innovation is more social impact based on intangible elements
• Rural Innovation: If the project ideas under this category are expected to add new environmental, economic, or social value to rural life
• Best Scientifc TD Papers: Technology that will change our lives (papers from academic and non-academic researchers) on Healthcare and medicine; Space travel; Robots in space; Self-driving cars; Flying cars; Application of solar panel technology; 3D printing; Artifcial intelligence; Recycling & re-engineering; Global collaboration; Internet of things, education, and more...

Accepted student projects will be published in Open Access ATLAS proceedings. All other TD scientifc papers will be reviewed by the Program Technical Committee. Competitively selected papers will be published in the Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering & Science. Also they will be published as a chapter in a book by ATLAS. Research papers must be original and not published elsewhere. Submit your scientifc articles following the below deadlines through R&B TD Research Institute

May 2, 2022: One page description submission of projects

May 2, 2022: Abstracts submission of technical papers

July 22, 2022: Draft technical papers submission

August 1, 2022: Acceptance of the technical papers

Topics of Interest
Scientifc TD papers may include, but are not limited to papers addressing some of today’s most urgent global challenges, such as health care, climate change, poverty reduction, cyber security, diversity, immigration, the impact of technological changes on future jobs, social innovation in the era of career displacement, the role of disruption, planning for the 22nd century, education for the convergent future. Papers with a transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective are highly encouraged.

Pre-Conference Seminars, Workshops, and Lectures
Pre-Conference seminars, workshops, and lectures will be half-day (about 2 hours) research and learning sessions that will take place before the 2022 R&B Innovation Expo International Conference. These seminars will help students master the skills they need to excel in today’s competitive workplace and support the development of their design project.

For more Information please visit our conference websites:;;

Dr. Atila Ertas, Texas Tech University, Department, of Mechanical Engineering Lubbock,
Texas 79409-1021, Phone: (806) 834-5788; email: