Transdisciplinary research
Target group:
Early-career researchers
Event type:
Winter/Summer School
with costs
River Collective
Contact person:
Samuel Halter

With the River Collective we are once again putting the Balkan rivers, the Blue Heart of Europe, into the spotlight. The upper-Neretva River, one of the most pristine river ecosystems in Europe is highly threatened by multiple hydropower projects. As part of the campaign 'Blue Heart of Europe', two Neretva Science Weeks have focused on scientifically recognising the immense natural value of the Neretva and its biodiversity. In September 2024, we want to take this a step further through a Students for Rivers Camp, which has the goal to develop actionable visions for a free-flowing Neretva. This will be done collaboratively by including international students, students from the Balkans and most importantly the local communities. We are partnering with various NGOs in Bosnia and the wider Balkan region such as the Center for Environment in Banja Luka. This week will lay the foundation for concrete projects which foster alternative futures, economies and resilient communities around a free-flowing Neretva.

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