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Collaborative governance and Intersectoral cooperation
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Can online interactions generate the same kinds of transformative learning that is possible through in-person interactions? If yes, then how? What do these insights tell us about the nature of transformative learning?

The session aims to create a space for sharing experience and discussing ideas on how we can facilitate transformative learning in digital spaces. We propose to build upon the experience many of us gained over the last year when, due to Covid-19 related restrictions, we were pushed to move into digital spaces for teaching, learning and collaborating.

Kateryna Pereverza and Hayley Ho will kick-off the discussion by sharing their experience from designing a digital edition of a university course "Transdisciplinary approaches for system innovations" in KTH, Sweden. We then invite participants to bring their insights regarding:

  • What is challenging to achieve in digital spaces?  
  • What can be uniquely achieved in digital spaces?  
  • What is difficult in both physical and digital spaces? 

Building upon the insights from participants, we conclude the session by opening up for reflections on what these insights tell us about the nature of transformative learning.

The session will be moderated by:
Blane Harvey, PhD, Assistant Professor (McGill Univeristy, Canada)
Hayley Ho, researcher and designer (RISE, Sweden)
Kateryna Pereverza, PhD, researcher (KTH, Sweden)

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Session takes place: 14th October, 9am EST / 3pm CST / 13:00 UTC-Time

Background reading 
While not directly addressed in the session, we would like to share several resources we developed based on our experience of facilitating transformative learning, online and in-person: 

The session is hosted by the Learning Community.