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Target group:
Scientists, Practitioners, Others
Event type:
Conference / Congress / Symposium
URPP Globale Change and Biodiversity, Blue-Green Biodiversity Initiative
Contact person:
Morgane Brosse, morgane.brosse@eawag.ch


This convention, organised by the URPP Global Change and Biodiversity and the Blue-Green Biodiversity Initiative of Eawag and WSL, will stimulate exchanges between researchers, practitioners and policy/decision-makers, in order to foster actionable research and promote implementation of measures to prevent or reverse biodiversity loss.

Climate change and biodiversity crisis are intricately linked and interdependent and the preservation of our biodiversity requires an integrated approach to both challenges. Urgent policy action is needed to address direct (e.g. land use change, urbanisation, pollution) and indirect drivers (e.g. economic policies, governance systems) to prevent or reverse biodiversity loss, and to allow ecosystems to recover and to be restored.

This requires combining research approaches and methods in innovative ways, working across a broad range of disciplines as well as involving decision-makers. 

The convention is organized into six main themes:

  • Blue/Green
  • Global change/Mitigation
  • Indigenous/Western Knowledge Systems
  • Natural processes/Human management
  • Nature/Culture
  • Science/Policy

Please register till April 30th online: registration form

Contact for further information: Morgane Brosse, morgane.brosse@eawag.ch